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  1. A little info (maybe TMI) on DUI As we know the limit in the LOS is 50 mg/dl or .05 % Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) as we use in the states Although it is not percise, here is a calculator that will give you an idea of what your reading will be after a set number of drinks. https://www.healthstatus.com/calculate/blood-alcohol-bac-calculator As you can see it doesn't take that much to pass 50 mg/dl. At 4 drinks of whiskey I would be at .09, almost double the limit in LOS. I've had a motorcycle license for over 30 years but I would not even think about driving in the LOS stone cold sober much less after drinking. Too many crazy drivers. In my previous life as a LEO, I administered countless breathalyzer tests. The limit in the states, and UK I believe, is 80 mg or .08 BAC The scale in Pre-digital breathalyzer only went to .40 and we were required to seek medical treatment for anyone at .25 or higher. You would be surprised at the number of people that have high readings and still function. Not safely by any stretch of the imagination, but function. My highest was a .35 BAC. He was walking and talking as normal and swore he had not had a drink since the bars closed 8 hours earlier. Now there is a dude that drinks all day every day to build his body to that tolerence. In my short LEO career every one of the fatal MV accidents I handled was due to DUI Despite being called every name in the book and my family being cursed to die a painful death by some of the violaters, I had absolutely no problem locking up anyone for DUI
  2. As you know I got this message and yes for 10k. It was on a Friday and if I did not send immediately she would have to spend the weekend in jail. When I said no via LINE I got a very abrupt "Thanks" response. After a week or so of silence I received a text like nothing changed. No doubt I overpay when I am with them. But regardless of the story I will not send 1 Baht from home.
  3. Twest

    Patricia On Koh Chang

    actually 5.64304 to be exact 555
  4. Twest

    Patricia On Koh Chang

    5'6, 110 lbs for us Yanks.either way Patrica body= Awesome
  5. Twest

    Patricia On Koh Chang

    Patricia, I usually prefer petite LB, but your body makes me crazy.o On my next trip if I can't entice you to come to Pattaya I will have to make the trip to koh chang gushing, Twest
  6. Twest

    Patricia On Koh Chang

    No, not the only one in Thailand but the only LB on this thread. I don't know about gushing, but a smoking hot LB with a cracking body, great attitude and hot pics will not doubt solicit compliments. I don't see the issue. Gush on.
  7. Twest

    Patricia On Koh Chang

    The ultimate LB lovers dream. I'm 2x divorced but if either were open to the idea there is no doubt I would still be married!
  8. Stopped in last night for the grand opening party. Very nice affair. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling that well and didn't stay that long. I did get to meet the lovely Sonya who I believe was acting as the event photographer. I do hope she posts a pic of the very hot LB in the blue top and white jeans. 555. Solice, as I said before I think you have a winner and I wish you the greatest success. edit-spelling
  9. I would like to give a shout out for Solice newest venture Baku Cafe and guest house. I don't have the exact address but it is a stones throw from Baby Boom. We stopped in the other night and despite not being ready for the public Solice and staff were able to provide us with a fantastic dinner. If what we sampled is any indication of what is to come Solice has another winner on his hands. There is a Facebook page and a grand opening party this Friday 1/26. See you there.
  10. Has anyone ever used this service for ED meds? http://www.pattayakamagra.com Prices are not bad and the delivery would be convenient Last trip I did not shop around and paid way too much.
  11. Twest

    Katty Bar & Guesthouse, Jomtien Soi 4

    Thats funny Thanks for the good wishes Emmy. I will stop in to see you during my visit in January
  12. Twest

    Katty Bar & Guesthouse, Jomtien Soi 4

    Emmy, You are a very hot LB. If you went with customers you would be "sitting" on a gold mine! Merry Christmas to you and your staff. I wish you great success in the new year.
  13. Twest


    I used Kamarga last trip. Was hard enough to cut steel but couldn't finish. For me Cialis works better. 20 mg brought the little head to attention on demand for over 24 hours. I paid way too much for the name brand. Next trip looking for generic. I used Viagra in the past and gave me a huge headache. Dosage may have been a factor. If you don't need it good for you. But to overcome a little stress induced "soft-on" and to give the older crowd more power in the charger, these supplements are a great. Exact dosage is trial and error. I do have mild hypertension. Other than that I am in great physical shape. A study was done where tadapafil (Cialis) was used to treat. hypertension. http://circ.ahajournals.org/content/119/22/2894.short The conclusion was that 40mg was well tolerated, improved exercise capacity and quality of life. Bottom line is TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR. Not one size fits all. For me adjusting my blood pressure med allows me to use cialis et.al. safely.
  14. Twest

    Katty Bar & Guesthouse, Jomtien Soi 4

    Hi Emmy, I will be in Pattaya in October and will definitely be in to see you. Is New still working at you bar? Looking forward to meeting you.