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  1. ausmagoo

    Nok's massage shop - soi old Baby Boom

    Nok is not a member here … I just checked.... but if you have further information why not report it and we can check further. You have continually gone on about Nok and her "medical" procedures over numerous threads and we all get the point.….. in fact we have got it heaps of times from you. Instead of continually boring us with the same old rant.... why not take it up with her. Going by your opening sentence... you seem to have personal contact details with each other... so have a yak with her.... we are over the same old rant from you. If you have this distain about her from what she does.... the question has to be asked....why are you in contact with her.... but your choice. Take your concerns up with her.... as your continual rant about it here has run its course.
  2. ausmagoo

    Nok's massage shop - soi old Baby Boom

    Two good posts gentlemen and pretty much spot on.... and also the intentions by the OP LS was the way we have looked at the thread. Noks problem was not the photos of herself she posted to promote her business... but the continual abusive posts she made against BMs over the years where she was continually asked to rein it in. Her last tirade broke the camels back... so in 100% agreeance by Mods... she has been banned. If she pulled her head in after the numerous warnings and just promoted her business with photos ..she would be here. LS has started a thread about a LB he knows... it is in the correct area.... is posting some great photos of a LB. The LB in question cannot post here so the thread will be what the OP puts here. and going by what he has posted a few BMs have showed that they appreciate he has. I have hid a few posts... mainly because they are not needed and not what the thread is about ... and also I do not really understand why some so called educated BMs on here continually try to score cheap shots against some girl in P4P with limited education.... and in this thread when they know she has not even got a right of reply. Grow up FFS. At the present time we have no problem with the thread started by the OP... and if it stops on what he has posted so far... not a problem. The Mods will keep an eye on it and if Nok returns... she will be removed again.
  3. ausmagoo

    Nok's massage shop - soi old Baby Boom

    Is that you Nok ????
  4. ausmagoo

    Nok's massage shop - soi old Baby Boom

    If some member shows it to her... we have no control over..... but she cannot personally post on the forum as she has been removed. She has tried to sign up again.. but when noticed.... removed again. Mods have nothing to do with the control of TF.
  5. ausmagoo

    Nok's massage shop - soi old Baby Boom

    Nok ran out of lives.... after numerous chances Moderation was in 100% agreement on the action that has been taken. This thread is in the right area. Nok was here under the status of LB Member and had no access to Chit Chat along with the other LB Members. That will not change.
  6. Showed up on the Australian Embassy website today that as from 7 January of next year... they will be doing the same.
  7. ausmagoo

    Durian Pizza ????

    No way durian is for a pizza..... but ... a good hawaiian pizza or ham and pineapple pizza is the bees knees. Same as a hamburger is not a hamburger if it does not have beetroot.
  8. ausmagoo


    Topics merged.
  9. ausmagoo

    Non Immigrant-O Visa

    I had all the proof... but same as you they did not ask for it but I still asked the question. I was told also that it would be reflected on their website. Yes... I have been told you have to make an appointment now even for getting a declaration witnessed and also that payment will only be accepted by credit/debit card.... you cannot pay by cash. Not sure if that is the case but will give them a call to see. Agree with you... it seems to be who takes care of you at the counter in what they ask for.
  10. ausmagoo

    Another scam

    Thanks to the BMs that reported the above. Said member has been removed.
  11. ausmagoo

    Another scam

  12. ausmagoo

    Non Immigrant-O Visa

    I can only give an example of the Aussie Embassy in Bkk. As of the beginning of this year when you went to get the income letter you had to provide proof of income where in previous year you filled out the declaration and they just stamped it as accepted. On asking at the Embassy why different to previous years, they said it was requested by the Thai Government that proof be provided. Thanks for the info kwan….. I am due again in February next year so will be interesting to see if there is a change. If I find anything...I will update here.
  13. I will stick with my Oppo.
  14. ausmagoo

    Katty Bar & Guesthouse, Jomtien Soi 4

    @soidog and @fenton I was the one who did the hoovering.... the reason being the thread finally got back on track and we can do without the snipes between particular BMs....especially you two. No apologies for that.... the continual snipes between both of you over more than this thread... to tell you the truth ...is getting boring. If both off you have a problem.... take it off board to PM..... as like I said... many BMs are getting sick off your little tiff between both of you. The thread has been cleaned up again...… by me...… have a problem.... send me a PM. Let's get back on topic.
  15. ausmagoo

    Katty Bar & Guesthouse, Jomtien Soi 4

    Some good looking photos there..... a bloke is spoilt for choice of the ladies around town...…. and I would have to say that the Boss is up there with the better looking bosses I have seen/know. Good to see the thread back on track.... let's keep it there.