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  1. ausmagoo

    sore throat

    If it is as bad as you say...I would be visiting a Dr or hospital today to get it checked out. No idea what you have..... but would get it checked now.
  2. ausmagoo

    The Tavern Soi 4 (BKK)

    The Big Mango used to be in Nana Plaza but moved to the Soi you mention and agree about the bloke who ran it...…. but I will admit... his burgers were bloody good ….. good value for what you paid.... but as you say... now a past memory.
  3. ausmagoo

    Pattaya Beer Garden

    Good place for a relaxing beer and a snack to start the night is the beer garden. Also no pressure sell when you are there.... so all good to get into the mood for the night proceedings.. As an aside.... if you go at night...on the walk in check out the bars on the left as there are a few hidden gems there. I usually cast an eye over them on the way in... and totter into them on the way out if I spot something.
  4. ausmagoo

    IT finally happened to me !!!!

    Not actually true... you do not have to live here to open an account..... but you will have better chance if you are here on a longer visa than just the 30 days. Best idea is to try several branches.... take proof of an address... passport.... etc..... if one knocks you back... go to the next one.
  5. Showed up on the Australian Embassy website today that as from 7 January of next year... they will be doing the same.
  6. ausmagoo

    Durian Pizza ????

    No way durian is for a pizza..... but ... a good hawaiian pizza or ham and pineapple pizza is the bees knees. Same as a hamburger is not a hamburger if it does not have beetroot.
  7. ausmagoo

    Non Immigrant-O Visa

    I had all the proof... but same as you they did not ask for it but I still asked the question. I was told also that it would be reflected on their website. Yes... I have been told you have to make an appointment now even for getting a declaration witnessed and also that payment will only be accepted by credit/debit card.... you cannot pay by cash. Not sure if that is the case but will give them a call to see. Agree with you... it seems to be who takes care of you at the counter in what they ask for.
  8. ausmagoo

    Another scam

    Thanks to the BMs that reported the above. Said member has been removed.
  9. ausmagoo

    Another scam

  10. ausmagoo

    Non Immigrant-O Visa

    I can only give an example of the Aussie Embassy in Bkk. As of the beginning of this year when you went to get the income letter you had to provide proof of income where in previous year you filled out the declaration and they just stamped it as accepted. On asking at the Embassy why different to previous years, they said it was requested by the Thai Government that proof be provided. Thanks for the info kwan….. I am due again in February next year so will be interesting to see if there is a change. If I find anything...I will update here.
  11. I will stick with my Oppo.
  12. ausmagoo

    Bangkok Flight Services

    If you use Thai.... on the departure you just go to the business/first class desks designated for Thai Aiways travel and you do not go near the other Immigration Lines... it has it's own one. On arrival into Thailand.... if you are travelling business/first class with Thai...… you use the priority lane by showing the stub of your boarding pass.
  13. ausmagoo

    Bangkok Flight Services

    If they removed the people who have not filled out the Arrival Card from the line..... then the progression would be smoother. At one stage they use to have Immigration Officials going along the line checking this and getting them out of line to do so...… so it appears they do not do this now??
  14. ausmagoo

    Non Immigrant-O Visa

    Any questions mate... gives us a PM.
  15. ausmagoo

    Non Immigrant-O Visa

    I have a Retirement visa based on income and did it all in Thailand. I could have gone the 800,000 baht in the bank... but did not want to go that way. For the medical certificate... just go to a local clinic and get one. I was not asked for a background check paperwork at all... but if you have it... attach it.. As I am an Aussie... I had to go to the Aussie Embassy in Bkk and make a Sat Dec about my income which they sign and put the Embassy stamp on. All Thai Immigration was interested in/looked at was that the stamp was there. The Aussie Embassy on their website say you had to have proof of income which I had but I was not asked. There was a payment of 1780baht for them to sign and stamp the paperwork The Aussie Embassy had the form there that was needed to fill out. I am sure your Embassy would work along the same lines. Before I got my first retirement visa... I visited the Thai Immigration and asked what did they want from me. They gave me a list... annotated the bits of information I had to supply. Off I went... got it all..... put it in a folder and numbered it as they had ticked off..... presented it. To me... once I knew what they wanted.... it was easy to do..... so did it myself.