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  1. duke007

    Favourite food places

    Just so happens I took a few pics of the old place when passing today
  2. duke007

    Favourite food places

    My favourite place for a coffee is on the left hand side of 2nd Road just before you hit Soi 8. The cost is 50 baht for a medium Americano plus you get a biscuit and a nice glass of ice cold water, I normally have two cups. Good value and Excellent coffee imho. Can't think of the name but I will post next time I am in there. P.S.....Excuse the cool Man Bag
  3. duke007

    Favourite food places

    I had a BIg Cup of Americano at Coffee Club yesterday which is next to Mike's Mall on Beach Road. A bit pricey at 144 baht I thought at first but the coffee was excellent and I suppose you pay for the view at the end of the day, so can't really complain tbh
  4. duke007

    Visa Run Question

    Don't worry DC, I doubt very much Pattaya will be able to get rid of you that easily mate
  5. duke007

    Favourite food places

    Hideaway Rib Rack
  6. duke007

    Favourite food places

    I think Colywob only shaves ladies
  7. duke007

    Favourite food places

    Roast Cicken Sunday Dinner in Jomtien for 70 baht
  8. duke007

    Favourite food places

    Those eggs look minging As for having ham with egg and chips, wtf
  9. duke007

    Fuck Ann's Taxi Service

    Me and my mate badly let down by Mr T in November at the Airport, no drivers to be found for either of us, we got another Taxi together. Then Mr T had the cheek to email me asking where I was and the driver had been waiting for me. Utter fucking Bollocks, after I explained my side of things he sent me a message back saying never to Email him again, don't worry fella I will not be doing Any contact details for Nam's taxi please?, thanks
  10. duke007

    Favourite food places

    The newly opened Food World in the Avenue
  11. duke007

    Fuck Ann's Taxi Service

    Best to check out on their website, Steptoe's is nearly two years old. Wouldn't fly out of Manchester with Etihad, did it a few years ago, bag of shit, shit planes and that was with a free upgrade to Biz class
  12. duke007

    Favourite food places

    Nick in the Beefeater
  13. I love the Beer Garden in the afternoon for a pint or two of draught Tiger , maybe some grub and take in the breeze Not a place I would go at night tbh (my preference) unless I was taking a lady friend there. And yes those beer mats have been legendary for years, and were still going strong when I was in there with my pal last month
  14. duke007

    Favourite food places

    The Chunky Monkey looks ok