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  1. duke007

    Expensive Times For Flights.

    With which Airline ?
  2. duke007

    Qatar Airlines.

    The Doha to U-Tapao route is now stopping off at Yangon for 1 hour The planes have also changed from 787's to a A319
  3. duke007


    I have stayed in Jomtien for 4 nights on each of my last two trips, and it made a pleasant change. I won't be doing it next trip as I am in Pattaya only 16 nights, though I may pop down there for a few beers one night. btw.....@aussiemale....my 'confused' emoji on your post was because I knew where fenton was coming from and was just having a laugh with his 'The streets of Jomtien are mean' comment and I didn't mean any offense to you
  4. duke007


    He will no doubt get caught one day and probably end up with a good slap, is it really worth it for a couple of beers? Do you reckon he lives there or just a mere sex tourist?
  5. duke007

    I'm nok on Pattaya

    FFS, these threads are getting like a broken record
  6. duke007

    Ladyboys To Avoid

    Welcome Donald
  7. duke007

    Linping Zaza

    When you get there, ask
  8. duke007

    Paxky Top Zaza

    Soi Chaiyapoon otherwise nicknamed Soi Pothole
  9. duke007

    Thresome, any advice?

    Next door
  10. duke007


    Wow, that that is turn up.considering Akbar (CEO of Qatar Airways ) is saying the numbers are disappointing flying out of Cardiff at the moment. My buddy got his flight for £383 from Cardiff, flying out in November
  11. duke007

    Thresome, any advice?

    Of course 1000 each ÷ 1000 to take them upstairs = 3000 , a couple of ladydrinks for them would be nice too
  12. duke007

    Thresome, any advice?

    Just go in around 8pm and take a look, all the girls work well together so you will be spoilt for choice
  13. duke007

    Qatar Airlines.

    Qatar are changing from 787's to A350's on their Manchester to Doha legs, pleased about that as they have camera's on their A350's
  14. duke007

    Favourite place to rent a bike

    The last few times I've hired scooters in Pattaya it was from Jack's which is opposite Oasis a go go on Soi Buakhao very close to the top of Soi Diana, nice bikes imho and I never had any problems, it is also a taxi firm
  15. duke007

    Katty Bar & Guesthouse, Jomtien Soi 4

    John's back....lol