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  1. I love the Beer Garden in the afternoon for a pint or two of draught Tiger , maybe some grub and take in the breeze Not a place I would go at night tbh (my preference) unless I was taking a lady friend there. And yes those beer mats have been legendary for years, and were still going strong when I was in there with my pal last month
  2. duke007

    Favourite food places

    The Chunky Monkey looks ok
  3. duke007

    Favourite food places

    Really dig the music on this Vlog, wicked
  4. duke007

    Favourite food places

    If you like your 40 to 50 baht Thai meals
  5. duke007

    Favourite food places

    Indian Restaurant with Nick 1 and Boston Kev
  6. duke007

    Favourite food places

    On 3rd Road near to Soi Pothole
  7. duke007

    Going to HCMC

    And what did you think?
  8. duke007

    Going to HCMC

    Have you done a search on here and YouTube yet?
  9. duke007

    Going to HCMC

    @ DC I was going to respond but its not worth the effort Edit....Bollocks to it I will Seriously mate, you blatantly say you have not done any research yourself then have to cheek and gawl to ask BM's to help you out......ffs Firstly the vast majority of Forum members here have never been to HCMC. If you took the time to use the search function here and type in 'Vietnam' then Snoop Dawgs excellent report will show up Also if you type in 'Ho Chi Minh City' on the search engine on YouTube you will be amazed at the scores of videos that show up, and many of up to date videos of things to do.
  10. duke007

    Emirates Seat Booking

    Don't have that poblem with Qatar Airways blue, all my very good seats already sorted for the 4 legs Mancunia - Doha - BKK and back for February, and it's Free
  11. duke007

    Boner Pills Cause Deafness?

    Sorry, can't hear you
  12. duke007

    Best Fish & Chips

    Here you go bud, at the start of this video. ...the rest is worth watching too
  13. duke007

    The Taxi Ride

    No problem mate
  14. duke007

    The Taxi Ride

    I have used MrT for many years (please read my last post again)