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  1. Once you've become used the Curry/ Balti Houses of Birmingham , England ..everything else disappoints
  2. The staff are great , not so much the young lads behind the bar ..but the more mature waitresses are fantastic
  3. I thought it was mentioned somewhere too Shagger ..buggered if I could find it ..hardly a startling new discovery I know ..but for Recent new visitors ..it is slightly surprising its there ..easy to just walk past a fairly innocuous looking passage way
  4. Couldn't find a mention of this place using the search engine ..anyway this is always a must visit place on any trip for me , just a great place to relax and enjoy a bit of sea air Considering it is on Beach Road , and right next to Walking Street , prices are remarkably fair for both food and drinks . Many BMs would know this place well , it has been around as long as I can remember ..but for new visitors ..just a suggestion for a nice place to visit by yourself ..or with a companion Although I have taken a few Ladies here at night time for a relatively inexpensive meal , I prefer day time mostly , where I can enjoy my first beer of the day , and I'm rather partial to their Club Sandwiches Photos not mine , will post a couple of my own humble phone snaps from last month in a second
  5. Jaguar

    Favourite food places

    One of the many mysteries of Pattaya ..so many Indian restaurants ..most of them devoid of customers ..beats me how any of them survive ..unless they have other sources of income
  6. Jaguar

    Durian Pizza ????

    Wouldn't eat it if you paid me to I hate foul smells , .and Durian is up there with the worst of them
  7. I saw you locked my thread. I know it's a delicate topic.
    I rather see it removed than locked. Thanks.

  8. I don't know why anybody bothers with Motorbikes or Motor Cars in Pattaya ..most places easy to walk to , baht buses everywhere , motorbike taxis , cheap and cheerful when required ..honestly, what on Earth is the bloody point of making Life harder than it has to be ?
  9. Jaguar

    Downloading From Youtube.

    Not your laptop Liverpool. Yes all to do with the sound level and quality of original upload
  10. Jaguar

    Caddyshack Inn

    Great Topic Maracana ..it is a really nice Pub , good to see a few other BM's venture out from the usual haunts occasionally
  11. Neat. I'll stick with my stopovers' in Bangkok though
  12. Jaguar

    British Airways Safety Video 2017

    They would love their jobs , if all customers were like me I am polite , I ask for nothing ,don't need to know anything , no special requests ,I am even content to continually disappear behind the curtain , and fetch and carry my own alcoholic beverages . I also appear to be one of a few , who acknowledge the Cabin Crew , thanking them for their service , on exiting the aircraft
  13. Jaguar

    This one is lazy and can cause problems..

    Bad luck with that one SM78 Mate , I know it is up to you and all that ..wish you wouldn't pay them 3000 baht though It is far too generous ,and completely unnecessary .
  14. I will never understand why UK Airports cannot cope with snow , or any other kind of unfriendly weather , come to that When I lived in Norway , obviously Oslo Airport (Fornebu) as it was back then (now closed ) used to be under snow , 6 months of the year and there were never any problems I have had to stay in Oslo overnight before ( at SAS expense ), not because of any issues on the Norwegian side , but because Heathrow couldn't cope with the snow You have my sympathies Annat As for Emirates , well some people seem to love them , I'll stick with Thai , like I've always done