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  1. Jaguar

    Katty Bar & Guesthouse, Jomtien Soi 4

    No doubt planning to give her a bone of his own
  2. Jaguar

    I'm nok on Pattaya

    Think you'll find old Lefty is around Zoonie
  3. Jaguar

    Katty Bar & Guesthouse, Jomtien Soi 4

    Sorry Fenton Old Chap , but you've made a complete cunt of yourself on this thread Firstly , nobody having a great time on holiday could possibly , seriously , give a fuck whether Thai whisky was 50 baht a go or 60 baht Secondly , after your many trips to Pattaya , you obviously have no interest in Jomtien or its Bars Why waste everybody’s time , making daft comments on a Bar clearly enjoyed by its local residents?
  4. Jaguar

    My new CD, sissy, femboi site - Becoming Femme

    Oddly enough I've seen BMs with worse in Pattaya than Sasha .. Im deadly serious too , with a more manly jawline to boot. Scary tattooed 6 ft creatures , they frighten me to death .. perhaps that's the point ? Funny thing is , criticise any poor hard done by , precious little Thai ( for some reason they are exempt from being called hookers , unlike working ladies from every other Country ), no matter how ugly ..and you are seriously in the dog house with many BMs . The topic title includes the words CD , crossdresser I'm fairly well seeing what I thought I'd see , not great a lot of it , but you know , the occasional exception , which many of you dirty bastards would have a nibble at , if you thought nobody was looking.. not in Thailand perhaps , but after weeks and weeks at home .. alone ... In Farang Land Christian probably got fed up and too tell you the truth , I don't blame him .. a bit more humour and respect towards esteemed BMs would have been a better responce however As for it having nothing to do with Thailand , well neither does American politics , but looks like we're stuck with that.
  5. Jaguar

    My new CD, sissy, femboi site - Becoming Femme

    Jimbo , Christian informs me with a wig and bit of lippy , he's even happy to service an ageing old beanstalk like you Can't say fairer than that
  6. Jaguar

    Katty Bar & Guesthouse, Jomtien Soi 4

    Thought the same Aussie !! , somehow I reckon he's heard it all before though .
  7. Jaguar

    Good Affordable Dental Work

    Dental Hollywood , Soi Lengkee , left hand side as you walk up from Soi Buakhao I've been 4-5 times , found them to be excellent and comparatively inexpensive
  8. I don't know why anybody bothers with Motorbikes or Motor Cars in Pattaya ..most places easy to walk to , baht buses everywhere , motorbike taxis , cheap and cheerful when required ..honestly, what on Earth is the bloody point of making Life harder than it has to be ?
  9. Jaguar

    Downloading From Youtube.

    Not your laptop Liverpool. Yes all to do with the sound level and quality of original upload
  10. Jaguar

    Caddyshack Inn

    Great Topic Maracana ..it is a really nice Pub , good to see a few other BM's venture out from the usual haunts occasionally
  11. Neat. I'll stick with my stopovers' in Bangkok though
  12. Jaguar

    Katty Bar & Guesthouse, Jomtien Soi 4

    Could you translate that into English please ?
  13. Jaguar

    Katty Bar & Guesthouse, Jomtien Soi 4

    You Gentlemen have been too kind to this Paul Young character Big announcements about when he is visiting the Bar (then doesn't show up ) , I'm sure all the Ladies cum in their knickers in sheer excitement at the prospect Re-posing a pile of photos , that a few minutes earlier , had been posted by Emmy Ridiculous questions about the location of the Bar , which have been answered with maps , about 10,000 times previously , and not one post of any substance , that could possibly be of any interest to anybody The Bloke is a fucking idiot
  14. Jaguar

    British Airways Safety Video 2017

    They would love their jobs , if all customers were like me I am polite , I ask for nothing ,don't need to know anything , no special requests ,I am even content to continually disappear behind the curtain , and fetch and carry my own alcoholic beverages . I also appear to be one of a few , who acknowledge the Cabin Crew , thanking them for their service , on exiting the aircraft
  15. Jaguar

    This one is lazy and can cause problems..

    Bad luck with that one SM78 Mate , I know it is up to you and all that ..wish you wouldn't pay them 3000 baht though It is far too generous ,and completely unnecessary .