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  1. Nick Bullseye

    Why So Expensive To Fly From Frankfurt

    Do you know what part of a plane ticket is overwhelmingly the most expensive? The airport taxes of EU airports.
  2. Nick Bullseye

    Another scam

    I answer the phone with the sentence: "Здес находится парижский централ ФСБ ". Those who do not know me hang up immediately.
  3. Nick Bullseye

    Access to the forum via The Tor Browser

    Yes, I saw that, too. It seems that the provider hosting this forum (Yellowfiber) took that the measure. However, it would be good to get back the possibility to log in through TOR. Not everyone has a VPN account and it is the only possibility to log in from countries where weird morals are declared to be state politics.
  4. Nick Bullseye


    Did it happen to you, too, that they do not bother to bring you the change in Temptations if it is below 100 baht?
  5. Nick Bullseye

    Baggage "inspection"

    I do not know on which Thai airport this happens, but it is frightening. Apparently it is the JetStar airliner, as you can see from the video. Your baggage gets "inspected" by the loading persons. Any comments? http://www.facebook.com/tacnewz/videos/437553786641916/
  6. I am looking for a good hotel in Pattaya and Patong with the following specifications. Any ideas? 1. Modern hotel, either 4* or 5*. 2. No joiner fee and no problem with bringing in ladyboys. 3. Having a large pool 50m long, since I like to swim. 4. Close to action. 5. Soft bed. Some examples and their drawbacks: In Patong: BYD Lofts: Very small pool, more a wash basin. Far away from the action. Patong Resort: Pool is OK (even two pools), but hotel is old and starts to look run down. Yorksher Inn: Small rooms, which look like the interior of a U-boot. Nap: 1500 baht joiner fee. La Flora: 2000 baht joiner fee. The Lantern: 1000 baht joiner fee and rooms look like the interior of a U-boot. Baipho: No pool. You cannot swim in the jacuzzi on the roof. Patong Towers: Extremely small pool. It's a joke. Patong Beach Hotel: Ladyboys not allowed, even when they do an evening show there on Thursdays. KEE Resort: No ladyboys allowed. In Pattaya: Areca Lodge: Pool is OK, but the beds are hard and it starts to look run down, even the Evergreen wing. Avani: 1000 baht joiner fee. LK Metro: The whole hotel looks awful and kitsch. Seven Zea Chick hotel: far away from the action. Siam@Siam: Away from the action.
  7. There are rumors that the Thai government wants to block Facebook in Thailand. What is the actual development on this topic right now? http://m.bangkokpost.com/news/general/1250114/facebook-faces-immediate-shutdown-threat
  8. Nick Bullseye

    VietJet Air

  9. Nick Bullseye

    VietJet Air

    http://www.vietjetair.com/ Did somebody try them already? What is service? What is their security record? They seem to fly between BKK and HKT for peanuts.
  10. Nick Bullseye

    Double citizenship and visa runs

    Here is a question for Thai visa specialists. I have a double citizenship - French and Slovak. My first names on the French and Slovak passports are different, but everything else is the same - family name, birthdate, birthplace. Of course, the issuing countries of the passports are different. I plan to do the following process. I enter Thailand on my French passport and get a 30 day visa waiver. During those 30 days I get a 30 days extension. On the last day of these 30+30 days I do a visa run by plane - Phnom Penh, Kuala Lumpur or similar - maybe with a small stay in those cities/countries. Then I head back to Thailand, arriving by air on my Slovak passport, which will give me a 30 day visa waiver, which I will extend once more for another 30 days during the stay. After these 2*(30+30) days I head somewhere else for one month. Then I come back and repeat this process. Can the Thai authorities discover this and accuse me of cheating? Or, even if they discover this, will they let me in since, administratively speaking, I am not traveling on the same document? Thank for valuable hints and advice.
  11. Nick Bullseye

    China Southern / Air China / China Airlines :-(

    I was flying China Southern from SFO through Wuhan to Bangkok. The first leg (SFO -> Wuhan) was very good, on a Boeing 787. The only drawback were the Chinese on the plane, behaving as small children. The other leg (Wuhan -> BKK) was OK, the plane was only 1/3 full. I was very tired on the second leg and do not pay attention to others.
  12. Nick Bullseye

    Cost of flight

    Isn't it a flight with China Southern via Wuhan?
  13. Nick Bullseye

    China Eastern

    I did not need to have a Chinese visa during my trip from Paris to Nagoya through Shanghai. Shanghai airport has an international zone within witch you stay.
  14. Nick Bullseye

    China Eastern

    I flew with China Eastern from Paris through Shanghai to Nagoya and back in December 2015. I can say only one word: awful. Both ways. I never flew a worst airline and I was used to Aeroflot during their communist era. On the fight from Paris to Shanghai, it was a replacement plane, which did not have any audio-visual program. No AV, no screens, nothing. OK, no problem for me, I took a pill and slept. For unknown reasons, they were unable to give me in Paris a boarding pass for my connecting flight from Shanghai to Nagoya. Therefore I had to go to the connections counter in Shanghai and request the boarding pass there. Annoying, but can happen. The connecting flight from Shanghai to Nagoya was cancelled. In fact, I suspect them to put two flights from Shanghai to Nagoya together, since we were only 10 or 15 passengers on the following flight. Hence I arrived in the evening instead of afternoon in Nagoya, with a 4 hour delay. The flight back from Nagoya to Shanghai was OK. The subsequent flight from Shanghai to Paris had a rudimentary AV program. OK, maybe not, but I am used to ICE in Emirates. The real problem was that the cabin was extremely cold. Several passengers complained about it, but apparently noting was done to solve that problem. Their only positive point is: they are dirt cheap. But with the cheap, you get the service you paid for, ie no service. Conclusion: avoid them like the pest.
  15. Nick Bullseye

    Bangkok Airways sale

    If you participate inthe Bangkok Airways frequent flyer program, they have a 70% sale on their tickets paid by accumulated points. Only for a short time period during low season.