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  1. Scamming by farangs in Pattaya has been going on for years. Most of them drunks and overstayers. Check out Soi Buck, around 11.00am. They seem to hang around the busy ATMs.
  2. benny1949

    Ice in drinks?

    Nothing to worry about, its just water with a hard-on.
  3. benny1949

    New baht bus routes

    Tony the drivers may have paid to correct fare. Maybe.
  4. benny1949

    Kimmy from Pattaya

    Do the 2 turns, Turn off light. Turn him over. Should be the same, but different, but the same. Get the drift?
  5. benny1949

    limit of money you can take from the uk

    All the best EB, at this sad time.
  6. benny1949

    very few pages left in my passport.....what to do?

    Get a "False", whilst in Thai. PM me, how many "pages", you want?
  7. benny1949

    Air China.

    And there is China Southern flying 787s, flying out of old Canton. Not to be confused with China Eastern, chalk and cheese.
  8. benny1949

    Bruised helmet!

    Broken cocks come from paying 1000THB.
  9. benny1949

    Fake stuff

    Trademe, New Zealand.
  10. benny1949

    Australian Airport Strike Action

    outsider, who gives a F..., if it keeps you off of the forum.
  11. benny1949

    Fast Track through immigration

    popenyung, thank you so much. Please have a nice day...........
  12. benny1949

    Fast Track through immigration

    So if one requires a visa on arrival. Is this service not an option? I get 30 days at the border.
  13. benny1949

    Fast Track through immigration

    Thanks Rinzler, but 2075thb. I only what to fast track.
  14. benny1949

    Fast Track through immigration

    It appears that Bangkok Flight Services are out of business. Any one have a site for an up to date provider? Thanks.
  15. benny1949

    Do you guys use lube for a wank?

    changnoi1. Some people in Thai., might not like the fact you have a pic of him on high, under your name.