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  1. From experience try and book 3 months out from your flight date, that is when the best deals are for business class.
  2. For Ladyboys and food for 1 week , I would say Pattaya, Manila can be hit or miss for food, in Manila best to use the dating sites, My Ladyboy date and Pina Love. In Pattaya hit the Bars. Manila only one Bar, Mixed nuts in PBurgos, you can find LB freelancers in PBurgos and Greenbelt 3 around Cafe Havana. Also freelancers can be found near Robinsons Place in Malate.
  3. In sky scanner you can set alerts for your requested flight and Class and you will be advised of price changes
  4. I flew return from Melbourne with Philippine Airlines in Business Class in July in the refitted A330 in the new three class configuration, Business, Premium Economy and Economy. The new seat - PAL’s Vantage XL seats from Thompson Aerospace are a quantum improvement on the old seat. The service by the Cabin Crew was also good , complimented by the improved menu and beverages, designed by famous Philippine Chefs. The price of the ticket was A$1000.00 cheaper than Qantas.
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