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  1. I hope u all out there r safe. Hope this virus will go away soon that a little more normal can come to our lives and maybe, a NEW Baby Boom will open again. I missed it before it closed. Take care   

  2. Hi petesie , im sorry to use this way but I have a problem again with Thai Friendly and I am very bad with tech stuff b/c of my disability . I was in Switzerland , now back in  Pattaya and for the 4 time I have no access to TF. Why again ? Please help me , what can I do to get it back and that it does not happen again. Do others have that problem as well ? Tank U .  

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    2. fenton


      If you haven't paid a subscription fee, open up another account? maybe that is the quickest solution to your problem.

    3. BenZim


      Thank U both . I will try a new one  , again . Smh  

    4. marty14


      Just made three new ones....lol. Use new email and if you can use VPN (with three different countries). Worked for me. My old account (used that as a non premium for nearly 3 years suddenly got only premium-messages on all girls and on about 60% of the ladyboys so it was time to dump that one. Now have a stock of three ...lol

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