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  1. hi


  2. in ur avatar pic,is that someone in thailand available to fuck? I cant stop looking at that pic she is so fking hot

    Cheers mate!

  3. Hey sleazy :) I saw that thumbnail clip on your profile with the LB tucking her length between her legs. Looks good!, Know where I can see the full clip?

    Cheers :)

  4. Hi

    i am planning my 1st trip to BBK and my 1st time with LB's I am so excited but i am shy so do you have any contact info of any LB's in BBK? if you have can you e-mail me as i dont have much time (freetime4funnights@yahoo.co.uk)

  5. welcome to the darkside of life

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    3. sergio.s


      hi! add me,sergio.salas80@hotmail.com. my skype sergio.sergio58

    4. carrkin


      I'm ready to live and to live a live contact and fantasy. Do not you want to join me?

  6. Staying at Pooks!!! your a brave Man, certainly will not be lonely.

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