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    This offends me as I'm a vegan transgender atheist who vapes and crossfits 4 times a week and I'm also a male feminist as I identify myself as a pastafarian apache helicopter dog, mega multi combo god of hyper death and if you don't agree with me you're an ignorant arrogant globaphobic sexist lesbian.

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  1. I am back home now, after a big trip to LOS, in 5 weeks I actually went with 6 LBs wtf? am I a "butterfly"???? 5555 obviously not! but I had a great time!

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    2. Thompson Twins

      Thompson Twins

      Always nice to see you each trip buddy


    3. Kathoey_Hunter


      Was great meeting you icebergjr :D

    4. Blodstrupmoen


      Was nice to meet you Iceberg. I'm up for a few more beers if you are in town next time I'm there. Cheers

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