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  1. Flight leaves in a hour

    1. Jazza01


      Give me a call when u get here mate

  2. My life is ace , ladyboy girlfriend living with me in New Zealand and the best curry for dinner last night :-)

    1. cheyenne


      Happy New year and congrats on the wife's arrival in NZ. You said you would do it . . and you did!


    2. Captain Pugwash

      Captain Pugwash

      Lotus Fruit, you lucky sod

  3. At burger king in new Zealand', fucking fat ugly GG ordering massive amount of food , why I love ladboys so much , fat bitches

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    2. icebergjr.


      I Love A Whopper!!with cheese and bacon!55555

    3. lotus


      This girl order 2 plus diet coke 5555


    4. SBK


      I havent had a BK since I was in Pattaya either ( 2 years ago!) GOnna murder me a tripple whopper when I get there!

  4. HI guys Lotus here , im advanced member on the great bangkok sister site and thought it was time to say hello to you all.

    1. Mr. Bickle

      Mr. Bickle

      you are heartily welcome lotus guy-whst kept you?

    2. jcs


      and welcome from me!!

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