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  1. Wed 29th Nov....A toast To ETGOHOM @ Sensations. .... also Killer pool. Starts 10.00

    1. duke007


      I am back home in Blighty but I will be joining you all in raising a glass in my boozer to toast the fella

    2. garrydirty
  2. T3 LHR.....again..... And so anther adventure begins. This stuff is like crack coccaine...(well i can imagine anyway)

    1. TerryBB


      It's better lol

    2. jimbo34


      You must have your own check-in desk in T3 by now, PTB!

  3. After 2 aborted dates this summer it looks like I am cleared for take off on Wed night.

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    2. Kendo UK

      Kendo UK

      good news, although you did have about 7 trips between January and March :)

    3. Pad thai boy

      Pad thai boy

      Sorry Jim...yep this time it is ...but counting the days till xmas and the pilgrimage Patong.

      Yep Garry...see you there next week around 12 !!

      Kendo...just aclimatising for next year !!

      Cheers steve...but think I'm going to just miss you this time. Only 11 nights this time

    4. Nob Hoskins

      Nob Hoskins

      Give me a call when you get here mate, I might take a spin down next week???

  4. It's never too late to be who you might have been.

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