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  1. are you in pattaya now ??


    1. mlay


      No..but no worries..im not the kind of guys who send messages month or weeks ahead the trip.

      Just planning a list for my next visit.

      But anyway if u won't give me her details..thats ok.


    2. torpido


      i can do but she like to entertain those who see her same day or within a day or 2 after their contact with her,, i am starting to think this is gonna be a headache for me,, !!  this should be of no surprise to any of us ,,that the first questions they ask if you contact thru internet ,,[are you in town/] >>>

    3. mlay


      Yeah I know this is the first question they ask ..and I can understand that very well...! 

      With unknow LBs I  only take contact  when I'm in town...with the long time friends is different as I keep in touch with many ..and Ployzilla is one of them..she send me daily pics and message ..lol.:Phew:

      Ok mai pen rai 


  2. Half ribs if I remember right ! Delicious like all others meals there. Well recommended !
  3. It's depend how busy the airport is .. Last year at Christmas time( 24 december) I had a 3h15 stop over in Dubai, and I've missed my connecting flight to BKK.... Incredible bad circumstances...delaying from Zurich, sand storm in Dubai and it was really a mess in Dubai airport , busy like never !! A bit tight IMO, but if the first plane is on time u can do it.
  4. Came back with Lufthansa last april and wasn't impressed at all... Usually flight with Swiss (owned by Lufthansa..lol ) The Swiss economy is far better for me.
  5. I will miss the old place. It was a nice little restaurant very simple and cool without being snobbish, we just went there to eat and nothing else. There it will be a little more select and less relaxed. Many people will only come for a drink and enjoy the terrace and people who want to eat will not necessarily find a seat on the terrace and will have to go inside or find no place. Finally we will see and I look forward to my next trip
  6. I had the Carbonara, Oriental merguez,not spicy enough , a bit disapointed as u can see a chilli on the menu ,but still tasty and the famous garlic bread. Portion of pasta r huge !! Very good value for money.
  7. It was a take away... no delivery So adding 20 baht for that is just a rip off .. IMO. I was there around 22h45.
  8. Eat there once last January. Had the carbonara and garlic bread. I still remember how aroi the garlic bread was !! Carbonara ok also . Definitely repeat !
  9. Went there yesterday for a take away pizza. Sorry but for me I can't called this thing a pizza... how Italian natives can make this kind of pizza ??? Oven was clearly not hot enough ..all ingredients dry ,because the so called pizza was way too long in the oven. Even this was one of the expensive one on the menu ..at 320 baht .. u can clearly see the lack of ingredients on top ... Dough without flavour.. And how can u add a 20 baht surcharge for a take away ??? I talk about pizza Italy , between soi Diana and Soi 15. In the soi where Backpacker, Baku ,and Babyboom are http://www.pizzaitalytk.com/en-us
  10. I need this piece of meat !!!! Before lousy comment , I really talk about the steak here .. lol
  11. I've not waiting ur advice to stocking booze in my room...
  12. Ok thanks for the clarification but if i not wrong alcohol sale is forbidden in 7/11 from 2pm to 5pm...and thats exactly my timing for my lunch on the beach ..555 Screwed...
  13. 555 ďunno why but I'm not surprised.... Me like to relax on the beach with a cold one and a fried rice ...especially after a hard night.
  14. No more beers , no more cigs, Wednesday and Thursday closed... they clearly want kill the beach activity...
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