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  1. I asked for some help

    I thought that was what this forum was for

    excuse me for not meeting your rules

    1. LordJim


      Its a good idea to try to make it easy when you are asking a favour ....just copy and paste the link you were interested in ...simples 


  2. are you in pattaya now ??


    1. mlay


      No..but no worries..im not the kind of guys who send messages month or weeks ahead the trip.

      Just planning a list for my next visit.

      But anyway if u won't give me her details..thats ok.


    2. torpido


      i can do but she like to entertain those who see her same day or within a day or 2 after their contact with her,, i am starting to think this is gonna be a headache for me,, !!  this should be of no surprise to any of us ,,that the first questions they ask if you contact thru internet ,,[are you in town/] >>>

    3. mlay


      Yeah I know this is the first question they ask ..and I can understand that very well...! 

      With unknow LBs I  only take contact  when I'm in town...with the long time friends is different as I keep in touch with many ..and Ployzilla is one of them..she send me daily pics and message ..lol.:Phew:

      Ok mai pen rai 


  3. hey 



  4. relations are not always as simple and clear as it seems There are always things you will never understand

  5. Cancer is a horrible thing.My mum and sister got cancer and passed away so i know what u talk about.Sorry for that Solice.Life is a bitch

    1. Solice


      Thanks Mlay, why is it that the good die young. She wasnt a bar girl and has a heart of gold, lifes so unfair


  6. too many choice ! wish i have this kind of problem in farangland..

  7. hello,

    you are very nice

  8. Hi Mlay i want see more pictures of Jenny please.Post much

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