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  1. The steaks are in their panties, it just depends on how good you are at negotiating. As they say "Nothing is for Free" 555
  2. I use lard for my roast potatoes bloody perfect. In Yorkshire they cook the fish and chips in beef dripping. Eee by Gum lad. Grand Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Gents its so important as was advised, let the meat do the talking. To be honest this really applies to most meats and chicken. Unless its a stew. Don't let the additive ruin the flavour of the food. I cooked two fillets this Saturday night. They were from a local butcher in fact their own stock. A Sussex breed. I discussed with them the Wagu Japanese lineage thread. They had introduced them a few years ago but felt it was driven by an element of hype. The beef is expensive to rear. It takes 3 years as opposed to our English Sussex Breed that take 18 to 20 months. The Sussex herd is stronger and has more weight. Not fat. Its all in the ageing that brings a great steak. I had bought this fillet that had already been hung 35 days. I have mine vacuum packed as once sliced bacteria grows at a faster rate. I then put them in the back of my fridge for another 7 days at plus 2. The meat was just turning as a delicate sweetness could be drawn to the nose. Don't wash them. Salt and pepper is all that is needed and a hot pan with butter. 3 to 4 mins either side, rest and you are done. Yes double cooked chips if you can with broccoli, grilled tomatoes and garlic butter on a large Mushroom. As muted die and go to heaven. Being washed down with a fine claret.
  4. I always stay at the LK Renaissance. Probably because of the room sizes and particularly the location to Soi Diana bar complex. Its always a great place to start ones evening and sometimes end as its directly opposite you have probably 10 to 12 bars to choose from. Right money too and friendly staff. Shame about breakfast. Its nice to stroll in there and have a simple meal. That might affect my stay next time.
  5. Best Steak Ive probably ever had. Not cheap but the restaurant and the steaks are the nuts http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g293916-d1806794-r130556662-Rib_Room_Bar-Bangkok.html Landmark Hotel Bangkok Recommended by Bob The Builder and he was right
  6. Yeah Guys He was totally relaxed they have a cool way in operating. It was a GG freelancer he met in Hilary 2 BKK. I had taken a LB from CIB that looked like Fah, cant quite remember her name. Met up with him, shot some pool, even took high quality pictures of his Doris. The grand was in his safe, we were staying at the Majestic Grande. He did not make her hand her ID in, waved her through. She did the my friend hungry, he took all his cash out of the safe as a wedge, changed some money for her mate. Left the wedge in his pocket. Back to the loom, she fucked him senseless. He passed out asleep. Woke up in the morning with the door ajar, his pockets had been rifled. Empty. Went to the coppers. What evidence could he give. Management at the hotel were very good and very attentive, jumping all over us like a rash. At that point because the poor sod had a kidney infection and he was throwing up left right and centre. He dropped it and decided to move on. The exercise of trying to recover the money would only ruin the holiday more. I tend to agree with that. As an aside and I know its off topic. Is there a card one can charge up and get a good exchange rate out of the ATM's .
  7. He was pissed. Beware of the evil brew and not a clear head. I don't know why he didn't take a small amount out and leave the rest in it. Needless to say I was laboured with lending him a £1,000 for the rest of the holiday. She saw the cash and he put temptation under her nose.
  8. My chum went with a freelancer GG in BKK earlier this year and she hi tailed with 45,000 BHat. He was pissed. Silly boy woke up in the morning with his door ajar and empty pockets............
  9. Bells are fine but you go half way round the city if you are the last stop. Don't be cheap Charlie. You will loose valuable mongering time.
  10. Take Sterling & change there. No brainer. But make sure you have a safe. Or ATM. Sod the 150Bhat. 3 Quid and your totally safe. Remember when in Thailand your card will only work in ATM's 3 times a day. Then it times out.
  11. Guys don't be a cheap Charlie. I know you might have a budget but the difference between the bell & all the aggro. Landing , being met & going straight to the door is a no brainer. £20 trip compared to the UK for a ride half the distance which is more than twice the price. Make your life easy and book Mr T. No I don't have shares in his business either.
  12. Quid Pro Quo Mind you Bob you are right implementing it and dealing with the admin, nightmare. Should be stuck as an option on the airline fare. What do the Brits charge the Thais, any idea guys?
  13. Wow some scary stuff. Maybe I have been lucky but I take the philosophy . Book into a good quality hotel 4* upwards. Pay the right money, not too much but don't be a cheap charlie. Always pay bar fine. Best investment. Smile, be civil and never look pissed. Do not draw too much attention to yourself. Also hang around with BM's if you can. Try to use the same group of bars as they will get used to your face as you are a repeat customer. It is the wild west...............
  14. He hadn't been watching the Ashes had he
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