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  1. Yipee!That old bitch is dead....

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    2. Dan9000


      jimbo, from your comment that the miners needed screwing can I assume that you never worked miles underground at a coal face, breathing in all the dust for hours every day and fucking up your lungs and life for £25 a week? Scargil was right - they deserved £100 a week. Thatcher decimated whole communities in her personal attack on the unions.

      She became a megalomaniac as she believed her own spin-doctors.

    3. jimbo34


      i had/have every sympathy with a miner's job - i've seen it at first hand in south africa, and believe me that place makes a british mine look like a cosy front parlour, but they were holding the nation to ransom every year. All the other unions were jumping on the same bandwagon. The country was utterly fucked and a very unhappy place to be. Her only mistake was to transfer th epower from the unions to the banks. in both caeses the power corrupted, and eventually broke the country.

    4. Mr. Bickle

      Mr. Bickle

      jimbo...in case you didnt know...the country is well n truly fucked now...thanx to the banks...

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