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  1. The-Sith

    oral sex illegal in Pattaya

    Podrick, We need to party together more. You have insights into some darkness i have yet to uncover! Sith
  2. The-Sith

    oral sex illegal in Pattaya

    This post started 20 months ago and Pattaya is the same sleeze pool it was back then. But I bet protection payments have gone up and people are more careful. But nothing has been cleaned....just more expensive "Tea Money" ....ergo, its about the baht.
  3. The-Sith

    hiv paranoia

    Then change your habits. Or let shit go. But going half way and being scared is probably not where you want to be. We have all been there.
  4. The-Sith

    hiv paranoia

    Dude, you may have a throat infection. But if you did get HIV from the session you described, the symptoms you have are not related. And the chances you got HIV from what you described are very low. So stop freaking yourself out for no reason. If you develop symptoms 10 to 40 days from now, then you can get concerned.
  5. The-Sith

    IT finally happened to me !!!!

    Thanks for donating to the Ladyboy Phone Upgrade Fund.
  6. The-Sith

    Boner Pills Cause Deafness?

    I definitely have ringing in the ear. But that could be from listen to loud rock music. Hefner said he would rather fuck pussy than hear. I'm not so sure.
  7. The-Sith

    Boner Pills Cause Deafness?

    Does anyone have experience with this? That boner pills cause hearing loss? And is it just Viagra, or also other types like Cialis (which I prefer) which cause hearing loss? Here is an article about Hugh Hefner who claims to have gone deaf from popping Viagara. I read his special ring that holds a blue pill inside is being auctioned this week. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/news/hugh-hefner-dead-death-viagra-sex-life-playboy-mansion-bunnies-a7971321.html
  8. Lately, I'm really into banging Blonde Ladyboys.

  9. The-Sith

    Testosterone - best way to take it

    Guys, This is a great thread. Learning a lot. I got to meet Solice on my last trip. Its good to get advice from guys like him who have done it. And lived it. Not just read about it. Test is a critical part of male function on many levels. And its mostly scientific, and also part feeling and personal......depending on your desired results. Testosterone, various Steroids, and HGH are all key tools that are available to improve health and function. Best done under observation of practitioner because you want positive long term results......not issues you will pay for later on (eg. Long term aggressive HRT for Ladyboys). But the body can take a lot....especially in short periods of stress. So as long as its done with knowledge and supervision, guys should not be apprehensive about doing it based on urban myths.
  10. The-Sith

    Ambien / Zolpidem

    It was easy 18 months ago but valium, ambien and other medications causing sleep are apparently being used as roofies. So its way tougher now to get.
  11. You will be appearing in public? I hope to see that. I'm imaging a bow tie, pocketsquare, and a handbar moustache. Maybe a riding crop too.
  12. Is this the pick up place for LBWVB tickets? Can have a meal too!
  13. Gimp, Almost every leading industrialized nation is Northern Hemisphere. Including the G8 nations and almost all of the top ten nations in terms of GDP. I know you are a troll, so hence end this discussion.
  14. I'm American. Its just my observation the difference between Australia and Canada. I could be wrong but thats what i perceive. Relatively same population.....totally different climate. Different outcome in industriousness that i believe will become even more apparent in the future. That difference mostly attributable to climate differences. Thats my theory. But my main point is, its not fair to compare Thai work ethic to that of northern climate nations. Because you cant expect people to work hard in 98 degree temperatures and where bananas and other fruit grow all year round. Compare Thais to Indonesians and Pinoys to see if they have good work erhic. I think they do. Get it, Mr. Gimp?
  15. I think if there is one guy on this board who is not happy.......it's you TM12....... nominated as Troll of the Year, Most Mistunderstood BM of the Year and Most Similar to Abba123 of the Year. Im sure your meds are helping you with that. Good luck buddy!