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  1. you should put FOUR exclamation points at the end of this post............. so we can really feel the hysterical pouting and stomping of feet that's going on. ”So be it !!!!!” I hope there is a kleenex near the keyboard. You know..... ”a tissue for the issue”. BTW....... I'm just kidding mate. Lads can all agree to disagree and figure out ways to play in a sandbox together. But as a male amongst all males on this site.....some light ”Busting Balls” (taking the piss) is a traditional response to something like this. No need for bad vibes.....just move on as the Sheriff says. Thailand is opening up again!! We can all agree that's positive.
  2. very well said Lbshagger. Snowflakes is a good word to describe them. They are like LB Loving versions of ”Karens” They love women. They love LBs. Cool. And they love to bitch and nag like women too. Not Cool. Maybe it's all the hormones they are drinking in LB saliva and cum.
  3. hi ,

    there just wanted to know if you are in touch with Pleon . I am planning trip from 25 of April. is she still working at obsessions.


  4. Lately, I'm really into banging Blonde Ladyboys.

  5. I'll be the first to defend the greatest nation on Earth, AMERICA, IMHO. But, America has lost its mind. Over regulation on everything, and completely unreasonable application. Today, you can barely even wink at a woman without being reported in papers and fear of law suit (and even insinuations of criminal behavior), let alone all the laws concerning every other aspect of life, including financial and medical. Now FOSTA. What a joke.
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