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  1. Because of the bombings at BRU in march, I was rerouted through Schiphol when I flew to Thailand in april. The place is a dump and KLM's crown lounge (used by Etihad) has got to be the dirtiest lounge in Western Europe. Never again, wish I had taken the second option through Rome...
  2. E382

    U Tapao to Pattaya

    Thanks for the quick reply... I suppose I need to arrange a taxi in advance, is it?
  3. I've booked a flight from Udon to U Tapao. Anyone has any idea what the normal taxi fare is from U Tapao Airport to Pattaya? Thanks.
  4. Anyone has any recommendations for a girl friendly hotel in Phnom Penh, preferably near the river? I have been to Phnom Penh before but each time with a ladyboy from Thailand, check in together, no issues. This time I'm flying solo and intend to hunt down my prey in Phnom Penh, be it ladyboy or GG, whoever strikes my fancy first. Any other (first hand) information, warnings, etc. regarding prostitution in Phnom Penh is truly appreciated.
  5. Here's the bus and the border between Vietnam and Cambodia. Pictures taken in october 2010 on a 6 week journey trough Indochina (Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia) and Thailand with my girl at that time.
  6. The bus from Saigon to Phnom Penh is really easy. I remember taking it early in the morning, about 6 am and arriving around noon in Phnom Penh. Not difficult at all. It's the overland route from Phnom Penh to Bangkok that seems to carry on forever...
  7. Isn't it gay to wear an Apple watch? Cook does, and he is...
  8. E382

    Air Malaysia - Missing Plane

    Most certainly not. Rest assured that few places on earth are monitored more by uncle Sam than North Korea. Meanwhile someone in Vietnam might have to give an explanation soon... Boeing 777-300 - ₫1500000 Slightly used Boeing 777-300 for sale. Asking for $15,000,000 USD, or best offer (this includes all the snacks in the plane). Not much fuel in the plane at the moment, but it's in great flying condition. ABSOLUTELY NO JOY RIDES! SOLD AS--IS. NO TRADES OR RETURNS. ALL DEALS ARE FINAL. Ask for Fariq when calling and setting up appointments to see the plane. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers post id: 4372477162 posted: 2 days ago email to friend ♥ best of [?] Avoid scams, deal locally Beware wiring (e.g. Western Union), cashier checks, money orders, shipping.
  9. E382

    Air Malaysia - Missing Plane

    I hear what you saying. If the flight was actually flown with a China Eastern aircraft the risk evaluation would be completely different. It's extremely unlikely that a terrorist group would overlook the fact the the flight would be flown on MH metal, despite the MU flight number.
  10. E382

    Air Malaysia - Missing Plane

    Imposters board airplanes daily all over the world. People not familiar with the industry might find it intriguing that 2 people with a stolen passport were onboard the aircraft but it's a non event really. However any irregularity needs to be carefully checked. With the names and ticket numbers widely available on the net it's very easy to search for their itinerary. You'll find that both tickets were purchased from a travel agent in Pattaya on march 6th. Terrorism seems highly unlikely. The event (Malaysian registered aircraft flying between KUL and PEK) doesn't qualify as a target for known active terrorist groups with the capabilities of pulling this off. About the Boeing 777. As much as it is praised to be an aircraft with a good safety record, let's not forget the BA crash landing in London Heathrow and the several inflight engine shutdowns that plagued the aircraft in the early 2000's. I'd be checking what cargo the aircraft was transporting.
  11. E382


    Here's one. Not on iPhone either, done on a Macbook Air. Good luck.
  12. E382


    Log in. Click on home and go to settings. Click settings and go to products. Click products and go to Location History. Click it. A calendar will appear. Click on the date the phone was stolen or any other date. A map will appear and the various locations and times the google account was used that day if the thieves did any browsing on the web and did not log out of her account.
  13. E382


    If she has a google account and activated on her iPhone might be able to position it also.
  14. E382

    Ao Nang, Krabi

    Thanks for that. Judging by the report there is no added value to visit Ao Nang. And for ladyboys it certainly is a no go, the horror in the pictures posted would send me straight back to GG if approached by such ladyboys. Nevertheless I appreciate the report, thumbs up to the poster!