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  1. 22 days to launch

    1. icebergjr.


      Have fun,you lucky guy!

    2. Kendo UK
  2. The Wombat has landed in the Patts.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. terry


      Lock up your sons thailand

    3. Mr. Bickle

      Mr. Bickle

      welcome mr wombat....see u around....


    4. Ghost Of Steptoe

      Ghost Of Steptoe

      There goes the area , bet mcDonalds are rubbing their hands together

  3. Tomorrow I get on da plane to BKK

    1. jimbo34


      And i would get out of BKK as soon as possible, Dicko. More massive protests and street blocks growing daily.

    2. dicko


      I did Jim, in Pattaya sans luggage now.

  4. 25 days and some hours

  5. 53 Days 8 Hours

  6. 70 Days 12 hours ish

    1. dicko


      Soixante-huit et some

  7. Off to BKK 26 Nov for 8 Night trip.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. icebergjr.


      Arriving 2 days after I leave sorry to miss ya, have a great time my friend.

    3. dicko


      Bugger dude, would have been a good catch up, oh well next time.

    4. dicko


      Have a good one ya self

  8. (null)

    1. icebergjr.


      (null) welcome back dicko and it's good to see you're back with a familiar status! 5555

    2. dicko


      Thanks mate, seems to happen when i re-login on my iPad. At least I am not the only one it does it too. Could be back in Patts in Nov.

  9. Maybe coming again in late Oct.

  10. Oh null to it all! The Bear leaves LOS tonight. The Everclear is behind the bar at Sensations if anyone wants to try it.... 151proof grain alcohol before a certain italian german anti tank weapon buys it on Sunday for personal consumption..friggin alcho he is.

  11. (null)

    1. Kendo UK

      Kendo UK

      null to you too

    2. dicko


      Nice passport photo kendo.

  12. Back to Base Camp this arvo!

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