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  1. Homeland security is in full effect in Thailand now, have to show passport even for new Sim now.

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    2. silentmoebius78


      I think, it had nothing to do with security reasons, but with to many unregistered numbers.. I think, it is easier, to free unregistered but active numbers, no one uses, then to attach another digit or network dial 0908,9,10 etc.. Uses up network, server and wave capacity.. Now, they know, which numbers, they can resale within one network.. I think, that was the main reason!!

    3. silentmoebius78


      PS: Besides, every indial has to have there own frequency..

    4. ChocolateButterfly


      Did they make old sims obsolete then? I have a Thai sim from a year that I have kept on the chance I would come back. Do you think I will need to buy a new one?

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