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  1. Halloween week coming up - it will be in Pattaya as usual.

  2. Slowguy

    oral sex illegal in Pattaya

    As someone else pointed out in this thread - the competing avenues (TF, CL, WeChat, Line etc) made available with technology are disintermediating the traditional outlets (gogos and beer bars) so the girls get 100% of the money, with no BF or other dilution, nor requirements to get smashed every night to meet the drink quota and so on. As long as there is a substantial per capita earnings gap btw our home countries and Thailand, there will be P4P deals made. It's also strongly aligned with Thai culture (esp Isaan culture) to make their uneducated daughters earn money - and where else could they so easily pull in 40K-50K baht per month? (Some way more of course) When a uni grad in Bangkok gets paid 25,000 - 30,000 for office work? It'll be decades before anything really changes.
  3. Slowguy

    Hepatitis A and B

    Dee Dee Tee would be even better.
  4. Slowguy

    No beer sale on beach...

    Must be some weird attack on street sales, kinda like the street vendor purge in BKK.
  5. Slowguy

    Best Middle Eastern Airline?

    Don't forget your Che Guevara shirt. I hear some idiots even put his face on a stamp.
  6. Slowguy

    Cost of living in Thailand

    Apples to oranges. As the report says: "The ranking by median wealth per adult favors countries with lower levels of wealth inequality and produces a somewhat different ranking." Ie, it favors leftist countries with heavy taxes and redistribution. BTW, the bulk of Aussie "wealth" is locked up in land, that's artificial wealth, not really liquid. Your housing is artificially expensive, you have a notoriously fucked up real estate market. Look at stats with similar demographics, and even better to this topic, your purchasing power. I compared Atlanta vs Brisbane: "Local Purchasing Power in Atlanta, GA is 33.96% higher than in Brisbane" It's a joke to compare the way you do.
  7. Slowguy

    Cost of living in Thailand

    Good post - nothing wrong with a budget, we all have one. There's more to it than mega house and lots of cars etc. Thailand is more fun, for sure - as I said earlier, the US is so predictable and thus can be boring. Especially if you want some strange.
  8. Slowguy

    Cost of living in Thailand

    Sigh.... You must never have been here. The US is too big to compare... 10X the population of Oz, bigger, and far wealthier. Technically, the US is one of the most affordable places in the world to retire in, if you pick your location wisely, eg not San Francisco. And shitty it is not, that's preposterous. It is predictable to the point of being boring however, which is why I'd like to have a place in Thailand, and a place in the US and rotate as I see fit.
  9. Slowguy

    Cost of living in Thailand

    Don't be such an Oz stereotype, in the US, your fitness level and habits is a socioeconomic thing, the people I work with are quite fit, and eat well. Visiting Pattaya, the Aussies I see there (that have blue collar backgrounds) are physically speaking indistinguishable from people of the same background from the US, UK, Germany, or the Nordics. People from the US typically smoke a lot less, that's a big difference. Personally, I would never relocate to Oz, can't stand socialism. But that's me. Just try to be nuanced in your analysis. People in this thread have shared their budgets, and it's clear that somewhere btw 50K and 100K baht per month, depending on location and level of party mode, is what you need. The low end comes with sacrifices, sure, but versus living in the rainy UK, cold Nordics, or the unsophisticated Oz, perhaps worth it.
  10. Slowguy

    Kimmy from Pattaya

    Quite a lot rougher. Smoking and whatever else she's inhaled isn't good.
  11. Slowguy

    Best Middle Eastern Airline?

    Do as you like, be a Jew flying with Luft Hansa in the late 30s in Germany. Your call.
  12. Slowguy

    Best Middle Eastern Airline?

    Indeed, although they were never that close to any Anglo country AFAIK, still a serious threat.
  13. Slowguy

    Best Middle Eastern Airline?

    To be precise, I fly with a Southern airline, not a Yank airline. The distinction might be lost on you. The US a sponsor of terrorism? Interestingly, you didn't grow up speaking German or Japanese.... I wonder why?
  14. Slowguy

    Best Middle Eastern Airline?

    And this is relevant exactly why? When I fly, I don't fly "as a yank" - I fly as a passenger, I'm not a flipping Canadian or such who needs to stitch a maple leaf on all my possessions. No offense to the Canadians, but that's a weird obsession of theirs. Presumably you're from an Anglo country - which means that fellow countrymen of yours have fought and died in the ME in the recent past, perhaps even currently. This is why I prefer not to fund state sponsored terrorism, even if indirectly, money is a fungible asset.
  15. Slowguy

    Best Middle Eastern Airline?

    Whichever one isn't owned by an Islamic rule totalitarian regime. Hmmmm, that leaves no ME airline.