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  1. once you get a Thai bank account you can move money from your home country bank account via Transfierwise https://transferwise.com/ the rate and fee is way more competitive than transferring directly from the Western country bank to the Thai bank, I use it all the time
  2. I have a Thai friend who will assist any farang to painlessly open a thai bank account in pattaya for 1000 baht danny, +66 65 534 4495 can call him or contact him via Whatsapp on that number he spend 15 years living in America before and speaks perfect English
  3. if you are still in the UK you would be better off getting a METV, (multiple entry tourist visa) from the Thai Embassy in London or consulate in Hull, then you can come and go as you please for 6 months and get a 60 day stamp which can be extended for another 30 days each time you enter thailand, and if you do your last entry just before it expires you can get another 60 day entry+30day extension on top of that giving you almost 9 months in Thailand. http://www.chiangmailocator.com/wiki-the-new-six-months-visa-to-thailand-and-how-to-use-it-p147 hope that helps, I use METV's from the UK to stay almost full time in Thailand because I am to young for a retirement visa, don't work and have no interest in marrying a GG 5555 feel free to PM me if you want more details
  4. just to be in the safe side, you should have 20,000 baht or the equivalent in an exchangeable currency if you are doing this, they rarely ask but as you are staying a long time on visa exempt and the immigration officer wants to be an ass they might ask you to show this. https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g293915-i3686-k10675235-Warning_20_000_baht_cash_while_entering_Thailand-Thailand.html
  5. no, registry clean does not clean cookies (cookies are retained in the browser's cache) the registry cleaner removes redundant items from the Windows registry hope that helps
  6. yeah but the one on north pattaya road is the biggest and best stocked IMO, one in tai was closed recently for a refit but might be reopened by now
  7. Facino North Pattaya road http://www.profascino.co.th/ https://goo.gl/maps/t3A4SXCK2cu big and professional and cheap, if you need expensive stuff get a member card to get discounts
  8. i bet 'she' has a massive cock, unfortunately attached to a big sweaty Nigerian cunt 555 read https://www.419eater.com/ if u have time on your hands
  9. before u do anything, download and run eusing free registry cleaner, a registry clean sometimes can help alot http://www.eusing.com/free_registry_cleaner/registry_cleaner.htm
  10. 22:00 hours (10pm thai time) but please note the last bus from swampy does not stop at the normal stop off points but drops off only at Pattaya north bus station http://airportpattayabus.com/V2/airport-to-pattaya/ hope that helps
  11. doctor thep does not perform SRS on a daily bases, his specialty is breast implants and he performs several of these per day. his clinic is very busy, and has many happy customers. He does not need to advertise or engage in long dialogues with potential customers because his clinic is always booked out due to the reasonable prices. There have been many false rumours spread about doctor thep such as his clinic is dirty, and he is unprofessional etc, (he always deals direct and these rumours have often been started by owners of 'medical tourist' agencies who he refuses to deal with) I can say that I have been to his clinic with a couple of LB's in the past and actually met him and his clinic is not dirty (although it is in a rather cramped shop-house) and he is professional and friendly, if very busy. One thing to be aware of is that doctor thep's chinic does not offer overnight care, you leave the clinic on the day the surgery was performed, OK for bolt on's but not ideal for getting something as complicated as full SRS I have been with a LB who had SRS performed by doctor thep and she was happy, however IMO there better options out there for SRS such as doctor preecha's clinic, doctor preecha being one of the pioneer's of modern SRS surgical techniques http://pai.co.th/category/gender-reassignment/ hope that helps
  12. I live most of the time in LOS but on tourist visa's, so a 'tourist' can defiantly get a Thai licence, you need to just get a certificate of residence from Immigration, Jomtien soi 5. To do this you just need proof of where you are staying, this can be a guest house etc, you will need a bill from the guest house that shows the address and your name. This costs 250 baht + you need a couple of photos and a completed application form that you can get from one of the visa shops outside for about 100 baht. You also need a medical which can be obtained at most clinic's for around 150 baht. You just take this in the morning (early) with your international driving permit and home country licence and them medical to the land transport office off highway 36 near regents school https://goo.gl/maps/1wfqLHcLC9N2 with copies of all the documents, I did not need to do any test (no practical or written) except a colour blindness test and a braking reaction test because I had my international permit, I understand if you only have your home country licence you need to do additional tests. You also have to watch a 'road safety video' the fee for the licences was minimal (I think something like 200 baht for bike and 500 for car) but I cannot remember exactly, l got change from 1000 for both however. If anyone wants to get their Thai licence but is intimidated by going through the process alone, there is a guy I know who can help for around 1000 baht. His name is Danny, he is Thai but was educated in America so speaks, reads and writes perfect English and can help any farang's cut through red tape of sorting out stuff like this for a very fair price. He also has a car and will pick you up, drive you to the location and back again. Number 0655344495 can also reach him on 'whatsapp' +66655344495 'line' dan06144124450
  13. Mark, british guy rents bikes all in good condition http://hallmarkmotorbikerentals.com/ +66877440945 great prices, only 600 baht a week or 2000 a month, I rented from him then eventually bought one of his ex-rental bikes which I still have. Brings them directly to your hotel/condo/guesthouse and will help you have any problems (unlike most Thai street level rental places) I got my first Thai licences (2, one for cars, one for bikes, they are separate licences in LOS) without any test except color blindness test at the Land transport office by submitting a copy of my International permit to the licence section at the Land transport office so an international driving permit is definitely officially recognized and valid in LOS. hope that helps
  14. when I saw this thread I thought is was about her: https://www.thaifriendly.com/Pornpan4u
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