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  1. kathoeyfan

    sore throat

    Very fatigued. Was in bed for 2 weeks straight.
  2. kathoeyfan

    sore throat

    It could be Infectious mononucleosis a.k.a. mono. Had that with strep throat in high school and it wiped out a whole month. Took multiple doctors to finally get the diagnosis correct.
  3. Any boxing fans, Frank Bruno is at Retox on Soi Honey right now for an appearance

  4. kathoeyfan

    Pizza and Burgers

    Recently ate at Teddy’s burgers at Terminal 21. On the 3rd floor (Tokyo floor) in the corner furthest away from the 2nd road side. Didn’t get a pic but the avocado bacon burger is awesome. Will return and post a pic next time there. Had a Hard Rock Cafe burger last week... what a terrible piece of garbage. 800 baht for a pre-made piece of shit. Avoid at all costs.
  5. kathoeyfan

    Pizza and Burgers

    Nice Diner - newer burger place on Soi Buakow, just slightly south of Soi 15 (Soi with Hideaway). Tasty burger, can choose how it’s cooked.
  6. kathoeyfan

    HIV etc Testing

    Ok. If you’d like, head to Lifecare and save 500 baht for the same service.
  7. With all the good TR's and VB pics need access to more likes!  :AngelWithStar:

  8. kathoeyfan

    HIV etc Testing

    It's good if they changed that policy. Was last in about a year ago.
  9. kathoeyfan

    HIV etc Testing

    Pattaya International is the worst 'Western' for-profit hospital I've been to in Thailand. By choice wouldn't have any care from there or trust their consults. If you choose the hospital route go to Bangkok Pattaya on Sukumvit.
  10. kathoeyfan

    HIV etc Testing

    Have been to this one for the full test and it's comprehensive. But they also give you unnecessary Doctor consult where you might feel uncomfortable about lifestyle questions. it's also more expensive than Lifecare (2000?) and not sure if the results were same day. Would recommend Lifecare (Program 6 plus Hep C testing) over Mt Inter. Haven't had a quick test at Mt Inter so uncertain for the cost and time table there. Lifecare does the quick test with results in 10-15 min for 350 baht. Program 6 (HIV, Chlamydia, Syphillis, Hep B,) is 700 baht, and Hep C test another 450 baht if you choose. Results back in a few hours and can be sent directly to your email.
  11. kathoeyfan

    HIV etc Testing

    There's a few clinics on Buakaow. One almost directly next to Fantasy Lounge that takes 15 min for results. Never seen a saliva swab, all quick tests use an almost painless prick of your finger for blood. It feels like a being hit with a rubber band. Tests are around 350 baht. Edit. AFAIK Ladyboys can still get free HIV test at Sisters. It's a 3 min motorbike ride from Buakaow on the other side of 3rd road.
  12. kathoeyfan


    The OP wants a spycam detector, not a spycam. As far as the concern for the OP I wouldn’t worry about it. Whatever you read in thaivisa is not the norm.
  13. That whole site is nothing but click bate stories. Don’t bother.
  14. Haven't found the Xs Max 512gb in stock in Ptya. Sold out. The 256gb seems to be available.
  15. kathoeyfan

    Durian Pizza ????

    555! Took a photo of that flyer recently. Wouldn’t order it but would try a piece for the experience. If it was free ...