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  1. kathoeyfan


    The OP wants a spycam detector, not a spycam. As far as the concern for the OP I wouldn’t worry about it. Whatever you read in thaivisa is not the norm.
  2. That whole site is nothing but click bate stories. Don’t bother.
  3. Haven't found the Xs Max 512gb in stock in Ptya. Sold out. The 256gb seems to be available.
  4. kathoeyfan

    Durian Pizza ????

    555! Took a photo of that flyer recently. Wouldn’t order it but would try a piece for the experience. If it was free ...
  5. Pricing from the Apple store at Terminal 21 (iPhone xs max)
  6. kathoeyfan

    The Taxi Ride

    Which airport in BKK? That will make a difference. Suvanbuuri (sp) will be around 1500 baht. includes tolls and maybe will be a taxi or small SUV. From Don Muang expect around 2000 baht. Either price wouldn't feel ripped off for the ride. Make sure to head to where the "Public Tax" signs are on the lower floor of arrivals. No need to bother with anyone asking you directly if you need a taxi,
  7. Was thinking the same. Still on the 7 + and like having more storage
  8. Thinking more it might be 70k baht
  9. Apple announced the new iPhones. No more home button on any of them, they're all screen now. The 512GB iPhone XS Max will set you back $1449 USD without a contract (USA), so guessing 50-60,000 baht in TH. The iWatch is screen from edge-to-edge now. https://www.apple.com/shop/buy-iphone/iphone-xs#01,20,31 https://gizmodo.com/everything-apple-announced-today-1829006328 https://money.cnn.com/2018/09/12/technology/iphone-xs-max/index.html
  10. kathoeyfan

    Very Slow Toshiba Satellite

    Had nothing but problems with Toshiba, Acer & Fujitsu laptops. It may just be a failing drive. Solid state isn't necessarily needed, but a new drive sounds the best first try . Have you tried a different browser? I like chrome too but try Edge, Vivaldi, Safari, Internet Explorer, Brave, Opera, etc, etc to see if you still have sluggish issues with them too.
  11. kathoeyfan

    Flesh Eating STD

    Another feel good thread, courtesy of ttggbb Seems to be your fetish ... anything disease related or negative, whether it's fact or fiction you're all over like a rash. Uh oh you might be tossing one off at the mention of the word rash!
  12. kathoeyfan

    Delete Account

    Message one of these guys http://www.ladyboyspattaya.com/staff/
  13. kathoeyfan

    Looking for a girlfriend - Jomtien

    Could be mistaken but think he wants a big dick LB to be his girlfriend. Not one for his girlfriend (meaning he has a girlfriend and also wants an LB in a threesome). Agree it’s a little confusing how it’s written.
  14. kathoeyfan

    Looking for a girlfriend - Jomtien

    You need to visit South America. 8" (or more) for Thai cock is extremely rare. Winning the lottery has better odds.
  15. kathoeyfan

    Looking for a girlfriend - Jomtien

    To save you the trouble, this isn't a site to directly meet Ladyboys. Fill your pockets full of baht and venture over the hill into Patts. P.S. ... What is your idea of "very well hung"? There's multiple active threads discussing LBs with large(r) packages.