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  1. Kendo UK


    I've had a tight connection at DXB before, maybe around the same. It was a bit of a rush, but doable if you can get a bit of a jog on. The key is clearing security quickly before you enter the terminal.
  2. Under your profile look for "Content I follow" All previously followed threads will be listed.
  3. already a thread http://www.ladyboyspattaya.com/topic/34924-new-baht-bus-rules/
  4. Kendo UK

    Nookkei: Horniest ladyboy in Pattaya

    She uses filtering "factor 10" on her pics.... [emoji41]
  5. Kendo UK

    LK Royal Suites

    Note the OP posted that in 2013. A lot of the time it's on Agoda for about 40 bucks a night these days. LK Royal Wing down the end of that Soi is better IMO.
  6. Kendo UK

    Aspirin Banned?

    There was a thread about it on Thai'geezer last year. https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/972656-aspirin-500-mg-tablets-have-they-been-banned-in-thailand/
  7. Kendo UK

    Liza Ladyboy Soi Chayaipoon Pattaya 0614461857.

    Good edit [emoji16]
  8. Really enjoyed the burger at Retox on Soi Honey a couple of times. Good patty nicely presented.
  9. Kendo UK

    Taxi from U-Tapao to Pattaya

    Since UTapao got upgraded the likes of MrT aren't allowed take you there. When I last landed there got a limo on arrival, think it was 800-1000 which is getting on for same cost to go Swampy!. This thread on Pattaya Addicts has more info http://www.pattaya-addicts.com/forum/topic/308747-taxi-to-utapao-airport-cant-book/ There is an Air Asia shuttle service that runs from Central to Utapao for 250B per person but not sure about Utapao to Patts. Looks like other people are using Grab and Uber to get round problems with private companies (Mr T. etc) being banned from the airport.
  10. Kendo UK

    Netflix in Thailand

    Thai version is pretty limited, nowhere near as much content as the UK or US site.
  11. Kendo UK

    the Ekkamai bus

    I've taken a moto-taxi from the bus station many times with a small case. Small being about carry on size by airline standards. They try it on for 100B to Buakhao but can usually be haggled down to 80B.
  12. Kendo UK

    the Ekkamai bus

    Last bus out of Ekkamai is 11pm.
  13. Kendo UK

    British Airways Safety Video 2017

    They must have thrown some money at this to get all the actors, meanwhile their service is a load of steaming dog poo. [emoji35][emoji90]
  14. Kendo UK

    Cafe Volare

    Crikey, that's in the ball park of Nana Go-Go prices for a beer. Walking past the other week I didn't think it looked that much different.
  15. Yeah tried that place last week, pretty nice. The owner said the Bacon Cheeseburger was only supposed to be an August special but has been retained due to popularity.