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  1. Kendo UK

    Don Mueng Airport vs Suvarnabhumi??

    There's a bus (A1) outside Arrivals that takes the expressway and drops off at Mo Chit BTS for 30 baht and also be used in reverse for Mo Chit to the Airport. Depends on how much luggage you're bringing I guess. I've used it loads of times for domestic flights but usually that means just a rucksack and a cabin sized case. There's also the less frequent A2 bus which stops at Mo Chit but also at Victory Monument, a good few stops closer to Nana. I reckon you won't save much time as it drops off at Mo Chit then most of the other BTS stops between Mo Chit and Victory Monument.
  2. Kendo UK

    Bus Ticket in advance possible ?

    Yes, as per starman, the bus station at Jomtien sells tickets in advance and that bus goes to the Airport. Pattaya North Bus station goes to Ekamai, Mo Chit or Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal and there doesn't appear to be any advance ticket sales, just first come first served.
  3. Kendo UK

    election 2019

    Please see existing thread in ChitChat
  4. Kendo UK

    Bangkok to Phnom Penh

    I used Air Asia for a flight from DMK to Phnom Penh, no issues at all. That's not to say I haven't had my fair share of delays on domestic flights with them
  5. Kendo UK

    Fuck Ann's Taxi Service

    For the past couple of years always used Mr Yo taxi service to get down to Patts when I’m in a rush, once I added them on Line, he asked me to send them the GPS location of where I lived (easily done from in Line) and they found me easily from there. Whenever I’ve booked, they nearly always turn up at mine *early*, decent new fleet of cars with calm drivers, sometimes female too. When I need to book them up again, usually just a couple of messages on Line and job done.
  6. Kendo UK

    don muang airport

    I just had a quick check, Phase I : Bang Sue to Rangsit (including Don Muang station) is set for October 2020. The stations on the BTS extension into Samut Prakan have looked pretty much done and dusted for a while but it only opened 3 days ago. TIT. This map shows how things will look in the future including all BTS, MRT, ARL and Monorails....maybe this will all be done by 2030....
  7. Kendo UK

    don muang airport

    The nearest MRT station would be Chatuchak Park (BTS Mo Chit), from there you can catch the Orange A1 or A2 buses that go to DM Airport using the expressway for 30 baht. If you're travelling light, those buses are a great option and only take about 10-15 minutes. Usually a lot of taxis "lurking" around that area too, but a bit of a tourist trap, ergo they don't tend to like going on the meter. Thailand version 5 or 6 promises a high-speed train connection from Don Muang to Swampy. …...Actually in all seriousness, in the short to mid-term there is going to be an airport link to DM opening in the next couple of years which I think starts around Bang Sue.
  8. Kendo UK

    Boner Pills Cause Deafness?

    Could be onto something there, whaddya reckon @Aitch ???
  9. Nice to see Hideaway has expanded its food menu above and beyond the panini. I tried the sausages the other week after seeing another customer eating it, it was a good feed.
  10. Kendo UK

    Durian Pizza ????

    Pineapple on pizza is bad enough, durian is a declaration of war!
  11. Kendo UK

    Rail link from BKK

    OP is referring to the rail link for Suvanabhumi to downtown Bangkok.
  12. Kendo UK

    Rail link from BKK

    Last train is about 11pm I think. Meter Taxi it is then. Roads should be much quieter by then, you've missed the rush hour.
  13. Kendo UK


    That website appears to have been down a few months.
  14. Kendo UK


    I've had a tight connection at DXB before, maybe around the same. It was a bit of a rush, but doable if you can get a bit of a jog on. The key is clearing security quickly before you enter the terminal.
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