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    • Thai are great.  Try for a window seat. I get prescription sleeping pills. The over the counter herbal stuff is useless. I bring my own pillow, plasma ear plugs and a good black out mask. Slept for 7/8 hrs last time. You can't put your seat back during meal service but you're not going to sleep for 12 hrs anyway. It's direct for me unless there's a big price difference.
    • If flying economy I opt for direct. Business I am happy with a stop over due to express pass through security and the use of lounges etc. Last trip Thai was coming up 800 quid....I got Oman air business class for 400 quid more. No brainer.
    • All well and good,  but self injecting two 25 yr old ladyboys  has a much more beneficial  effect on one's health and wellbeing imo   xxxx ( Its called a spitroast  to those in the know  %%%)
    • In the US, the three major laboratory corporations have all lowered their ranges for what is considered 'normal' testosterone levels.  Western males today now have average testosterone levels that are 2-3 times lower than for a western male during WW2.  I have to say that about 98% of the posts in this thread are giving completely inaccurate information about TRT (Testosterone replacement therapy) With so many outright falsehoods posted in this thread where do I start. Let me just give some of the most basic tenants of TRT. 1) It is maddening that anyone would take testosterone without first checking the following: CBC (includes immune cells, red blood cells, and hematocrit) CMP-14 (Includes kidney and liver function, glucose and electrolytes) Lipid Panel (LDL, HDL, Triglycerides) Testosterone free and total (LC/MS assay with no upper limit) Estradiol, Sensitive (LC/MS assay) DHEA-sulfate (Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate) TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) Free T3 (Free Triiodothyronine ) PSA (Prostatic Specific Antigen) SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) 2) A healthy, non-obese 25-year-old male only produces between 4-10mg of testosterone daily. These are what are known as 'physiological' levels of testosterone. In accordance with this fact, almost every post in this entire thread is recommending people to take supra-physiological doses of testosterone. There are some factors involved in which a person might temporarily take supra-physiological levels of testosterone but for the vast majority of people, taking supra-physiological doses of testosterone is incredibly bad for you. 3) The main side effects of TRT are increased levels of estradiol (estrogen) and high hemoglobin and hematocrit.  Exogenous administration of testosterone results in the testosterone being aromatized into estrogen. For years, many people on TRT have taken aromatase inhibitors (AI's) to manage their levels. This has now been determined to be extremely dangerous. AI's should only be used in very limited situations and only for a very limited time and as low-dose as possible. The safest and most efficient and healthy way to lower estradiol, hemoglobin and hematocrit levels is to increase the frequency of injections while reducing dosage.  4) Besides being almost painless, subcutaneous injection is by far the most desirable delivery method of injectable testosterone. It is easy, quick, almost painless and results in much more stable serum levels of testosterone than by intramuscular (IM) injection.   5) This idea of PCT or cycles of taking TRT is idiocy. TRT is for life. Not for short periods of time.  5) If you take any form of testosterone without the supervision of an experienced TRT medical provider you are an extreme DUMBASS.  6) If you are an extreme dumbass who is going to go ahead and take testosterone anyway, please do yourself a giant favor and read Jay Campell's book 'The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Living a Fully Optimized Life.' Disclaimer and full disclosure notice: I am not associated with nor do I receive any financial profit from recommending Jay Campbell's book. I currently take daily, subcutaneous, physiological doses of testosterone cypionate, and HCG. I also take thyroid medications and DHEA supplements. I am under the supervision of a TRT medical professional from Defy Medical in Tampa, Florida.  If you live outside of Florida, or the US, you can consult with Defy Medical as a telemedicine patient. There are only a handful of medical professionals in the world that truly understand and know how to administer TRT therapy. For the record, your doctor isn't one of them. I am not financially associated with Defy Medical. 
    • Amy smiles at and prays for guys she does not like. lol
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