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  1. Pimpgreen

    Current Visa/immigration time,

    Took me about 10 minutes yesterday evening.
  2. Pimpgreen

    Where to eat

    Thanks, yes I've been going to Jimmy's for a few years, but I was looking for a little something different.
  3. Pimpgreen

    Where to eat

    Thanks mate, I had a nice breakfast there today, Friendly staff to.
  4. Pimpgreen

    Where to eat

    Can someone help me with a good breakfast location? I had a breakfast from the corner of Soi 6/1 and it give me the shits.
  5. Pimpgreen

    LOL ! Will they never learn.

    So how much time is he looking at and could a pardon from the King reduce his sentence?
  6. Pimpgreen

    HIV Q&A thread

    That dude that does the website LadyboyGold, the fella that never shows his face, but always wears a black T-shirt, How come he's never got HIV, he's fucked almost every LB in the game and BB. I understands he gets the girls tested before a shot, but sometimes it takes at least 3 months for HIV to show up in your system sometimes.
  7. Pimpgreen

    Air Malaysia - Missing Plane

    This is the strangest plane disappearance's ever, If it was as a terrorist bombing the plane would've broke up into pieces and fragment's would've been found by now, If the plane lost control and was falling, there would've been a may day call. They keep going on about fake passports, so what, every flight contains a few passengers with fake passports,
  8. The most they'll get outta me if I'm drugged, Is a few baht coins that I leave in the astray for the baht bus, But I'll think he'll be back, after enjoying that boy pussy for a night, he'll get that taste again.
  9. Pimpgreen

    Customs at London Heathrow

    I hope they don't stop me, I'm carrying a 8inch strap-on plus a 9inch, 1.5tb harddrive of porn,
  10. Pimpgreen

    Another Ladyboy Fight.

    Not much of a flight more of a beat down, In all my years of going to LOS I've never seen Thai people flight,
  11. How I got rid of it, I just went on youtube and followed the instructions of a few geeks on there, I also had a second user account on my PC, which I discovered still allowed me to still use my PC even though the virus was still there, And your PC will also allow you to access all your files by using your administrative password,
  12. I caught a nasty bug a few months ago, called the Metropolitan virus, it shuts down your whole PC, and I mean everything, then a fake Metropolitan police web page is displayed which cannot be removed, then it accuses you of downloading child porn and a bunch of other stuff and asks you to pay 100pounds to reopen your computer, by going to a pay point at your local store, I heard it's a bunch of eastern Europeans or Nigerians who have sent it up and their making a killing, I know two people, one of them a close friend who paid the money, its enough to scare the shit out of people who don't know about these scams.
  13. Everyone knows free porn site carry harmful virus, That's why you need good anti virus software, but don't look at that shit while your at work. big mistake.
  14. Pimpgreen

    Anyone fancy checking out North Korea?

    I've watched a bunch of youtube videos regarding north Korea, It would be a fasinating place if you could walk freely around and talk to the natives, but your escorted everywhere and have to hear them talk shit about americans all day.
  15. Pimpgreen

    Amazing theft

    Most expensive kiss in Pattaya history